Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Python Django Online Food ordering System

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Online Food Ordering System is the web based application intended for restaurant's Businesses.It provide various feature such as searching,viewing and selection of food items from restaurant for customers.This Application also provides restaurant management and menu management for restaurant manager or owner.

Software Requirements

Programming languages : Python
Operating System : Windows/Linux
Web Technologies : Django(2.0),Html,Css,Javascript
Database : Sqlite

Setup To Run

pip install --user -r requirements.txt
python runserver

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Python, Flask, Bootstrap And SQLite Project On Blood Bank Management System

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Blood bank web app made with python ,flask, Sqlite, Bootstrap.


Blood bank website made with python3 ,flaskSqliteBootstrap.

Some of the functionality which can be benefited by being a User is listed below
  1. User Registration and Login, Logout.
  2. Update your Profile , Delete your account.
  3. Request/contact for Blood.
  4. Notification's for Requests.
  5. Search for Blood.
NOTE : admin's credentials
  1. Email :
  2. Password : admin
Functionality for Admin is listed below
  1. Dashboard
  2. Add blood in the Blood Bank
  3. Edit blood donatations and their details
  4. Contact registered users
  5. Delete users/entries

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  1. download project and extract
  2. Install the dependencies
pip install --user -r requirements.txt
  1. Start the server
  1. Hurray!!.. Donote Blood.

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Monday, 4 November 2019

PHP Airlines Reservation System Project

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Airline Reservation System” main aim is to provide the online ticket & seat reservation of  Flights and also give us the information about flight departures.
In this PHP Mini and Major project mainly we are going to concentrate on ticket booking function, this function will take the user inputs like their requirements (flight name, flight source & destination, Number of seats, Seat numbers), after entering all of his/her requirements in this application, it can check at backend & provide us the total information about flights. When we open the first page of this project we can find the basic information (basic fair & discounts) about today flight timings.


In order to eliminate the errors of the previous system, a superb application has been developed due to which the user need not to waste his valuable time in booking, the ticket and instead of server is built that takes care of every action thereby reducing the size &  effort of all users.


  The purpose of the present Airline Reservation system is to allow customer to interact that gives some basic information such as all  flights information, availability of accommodation in flights, ticket booking, class type like luxury/ super luxury/ special/ AC/ non AC. 
In the existing system if any person wants to travel somewhere by flight he should take some basic steps to get ticket like he should go to airport to book the flight ticket, he should speak with Airline help center regarding the availability of flights. It is time consuming process.

Brief overview of the technology:

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  1. HTML: HTML is used to create and save web document. E.g. Notepad/Notepad++
  2. CSS : (Cascading Style Sheets) Create attractive Layout
  3. Bootstrap : responsive design mobile freindly site
  4. JavaScript: it is a programming language, commonly use with web browsers.
Back end: PHP, MySQL
  1. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a technology that allows software developers to create dynamically generated web pages, in HTML, XML, or other document types, as per client request. PHP is open source software.
  2. MySQL: MySql is a database, widely used for accessing querying, updating, and managing data in databases.

Software Requirement(any one)

  • WAMP Server
  • XAMPP Server
  • MAMP Server
  • LAMP Server

Installation Steps

1. Download zip file and Unzip file on your local server.
2. Put this file inside "c:/xamp/htdocs/" .
3. Database Configuration
Open phpmyadmin
Create Database named airlines.
Import database airlines.sql from downloaded folder(inside database)
4. Open Your browser put inside "http://localhost/Airlines/"
Admin Login Details
Login Id: admin
Password: 12345