Friday, 20 September 2019

Hotel Management System Python Tkinter GUI

Simple Hotel Management System project is written in Python. The project file contains a python script ( This is a simple GUI based system which is very easy to understand and use. Talking about the system, it contains all the basic functions which include entering customer’s data, calculating room rent, restaurant bill, laundry bill, game bill, and total cost. In this mini project, there is no such login system. This means he/she can use all those available features easily without any restriction. It is too easy to use, he/she can check the total cost of staying in the hotel easily with each and every detail.

Hotel Management System Python Tkinter GUI

Talking about the features of this Simple Hotel Management System, at first, the user has to enter his/her data. It includes the name of the user, address, check-in, and check-out dates. The user can calculate room rents. Inside this section, there are total four types of room with different prices. After selecting the room type, the system asks to enter the number of nights spent in order to calculate room rent. This simple system also contains other functions such as calculating restaurant, laundry and game bill. When the user selects to calculate restaurant bill, the system displays a small menu. From there the user has to select foods and then it displays the total restaurant bill. The other remaining features; calculating laundry and game bill also follows the same procedure as of calculating restaurant bill.

Hotel Management System Python Tkinter GUI

Feature :-

At last, after all these calculations the user can know about their total cost of staying easily. In this feature, the system provides his/her details, with the room number, room rent, food, laundry and games bill. The total sum is displayed to the users with some additional charges. This simple console based Hotel Management system provides the simplest management of hotel service and transaction. In short, this projects mainly focus on adding and calculating results. There’s no external database connection file used in this mini project to save user’s data permanently.
In order to run the project, you must have installed Python, on your PC. This is a simple Console Based system, specially written for the beginners. Simple Hotel Management System in Python project with source code is free to download. Use for education purpose only! For the project demo, have a look at the YouTube Video above.

How To Run :

  • first you need install python.
  • download project.
  • extract project.
  • double click in
  • Project is run
  • Thanks ....

Download Here

Thursday, 19 September 2019

ISP Management System and Billing php project || PHP MYSQL

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This application is build for Internet Service Providers to manage their clients more efficiently. ISP Provider provides a smart account management system that makes user billing and payments very easy for you.
The name quite explains the scenario of this ISP Management System In Java project. That is the purpose of this project. The major task of this project is to provide internet services to the customers. You will provide the details of each and every section of the data fields. So that the system can store your accurate information. There are basically three sections in this project i.e. they are the customer, plan, and employees of the company.
Here you can add and update the company internet plan. You can provide the different broadband internet speeds with each of different price. As an admin, you can create your employee and also can add the customers. You can also register the complaint regarding your setbacks of internet speeds.

Brief overview of the technology:

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  1. HTML: HTML is used to create and save web document. E.g. Notepad/Notepad++
  2. CSS : (Cascading Style Sheets) Create attractive Layout
  3. Bootstrap : responsive design mobile freindly site
  4. JavaScript: it is a programming language, commonly use with web browsers.
Back end: PHP, MySQL
  1. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a technology that allows software developers to create dynamically generated web pages, in HTML, XML, or other document types, as per client request. PHP is open source software.
  2. MySQL: MySql is a database, widely used for accessing querying, updating, and managing data in databases.

Software Requirement(any one)

  • WAMP Server
  • XAMPP Server
  • MAMP Server
  • LAMP Server

Installation Steps

1. Download zip file and Unzip file on your local server.
2. Put this file inside "c:/wamp/www/" .
3. Database Configuration
Open phpmyadmin
Create Database named isp.
Import database isp.sql from downloaded folder(inside database)
4. Open Your browser put inside "http://localhost/isp/"
Admin Login Details
Login Id: admin
Password: 12345678

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Android studio quiz app source code free download

This app was developed as a learning project for Android. It is developed in Android Studio 3.6 Canary
  • compileSdkVersion      - 28
  • buildToolVersion          - 28-0-3
  • minSdkVersion              - 16
  • targetSdkVersion           -28
QuizApp is an android based application, and enables the user to undertake a series of questions on Java language. The app is user friendly, and the user shall find it extremely easy to answer the multiple-choice questions. At the end of the quiz, a result-report is generated which states the score. The app also presents an option to the current user to play the question-round again or quit in between.
There are four Activities in the app :
  1. Main – displays Home Screen of application.
  2. Questions – displays MCQ’s and currents Score.
  3. Results – displays Results after finishing the quiz.
  4. Developers – displays the information about the developers.

Apk Download 

Download Source Code

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